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  Rand Green
RAND GREEN,  the founder of
Rand Green Communications,
has more than four decades of professional experience editing books and other publications in many fields. He is also a prolific author. He has four books to his credit with another soon to come out and has published more than 12,000 articles in print publications, the equivalent of about eighty 300-page books.


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and is scheduled for a mid-April 2018 launch.
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Meanwhile, if you are in need of an editor for your writing project and wish to discuss your needs with Rand Green, you may contact him directly by email.

For security reasons, and to prevent email harvesting by bots, we do not give the email address in character sequence, nor do we hot-link it. You, however, being an intelligent human being and not a bot, will have no trouble deciphering the following code and extracting the email address. Simply type rand in the address bar, followed by an "at" symbol, followed by randgreen, followed by a period or dot, followed by com.